Non-Stop Doggy Cuddles & Too Much Disney Plus

We are now on day 12 of UK “Lockdown” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Obviously this is a really weird time for all of us, but I think it’s gone quite quick so far! I have been really enjoying being a bit more active on Instagram and fancied writing again.

How We’ve Been Spending Our Time

1. Daily Dog Walks

We are super lucky to live right next to a country park with walk options galore! Pippin has been absolutely loving it, as expected. We’ve been getting out with him for roughly an hour a day, if not on a walk on a run. He loves all the exploring he gets to do and games of fetch we play. It’s probably the highlight of my day to be honest. The weather has been great (i.e. not raining) and I’ve been managed to get my step count in almost every day despite working from home. Definitely something very mindful to do and I am more grateful we decided to get Pippin than ever. He’s my actual best mate (besides Mat) and always up for fun.

2. Baking

I have been baking more than ever (much like everyone else in the world!) and have made cheese scones, oaty biscuits and my new all time favourite, The Anna Edit’s chocolate chip cookies. Oh. My. God. The most squidgy, chocolatey, buttery cookies ever. Recipe here. I made the chocolate and hazelnut ones, minus the hazelnut. You will NOT be disappointed!

3. Cooking with Gousto

We thankfully have still been getting our weekly Gousto deliveries and they definitely are a highlight of each day. We get 4 recipes a week for ¬£34.99 and do actually find we spend much less on food when we have our box being delivered. We like cooking but aren’t very inventive when left to our own devices, but Gousto makes us cook such different meals for us and they are always super tasty! Last night it was a chilli cheese naan toastie. Bloody divine!

4. Cleaning

The house has never been so clean. I am loving the fact I have time to get fully organised every night before I chill and stick the telly on. I find I feel way more relaxed when the house is tidy and I have some candles lit in the living room. I’ve even been helping do the washing (normally Mat’s job!) and making the most of hanging it outside.

5. Disney Plus

Not even going to pretend I haven’t spent every evening this week watching Disney’s Fairytale Weddings. Turns out it is my actual favourite programme. I love Disney and I love weddings so it’s a match made in heaven. I have been to Walt Disney World quite a few times now and as soon as I saw that Disney Wedding Pavillion when I was on the monorail I feel in love with the idea of a Disney wedding. It’s not something we ever actually wanted to do ourselves and the wedding we have planned is not Disney related at all (yet still will be perfect!), but that doesn’t stop me enjoying having a private eye into other people’s Disney weddings! The fact people get married at like 5am in front of the castle astound me…!

6. TikTok

Bloody love it. I’ve learnt the Savage dance and the Why Is Everything Chrome? dance. I also have been featuring Pippin on my TikTok. There’s not much more to say on it, other than by learning the dances I totally feel 14 again.

And that’s my list of fun bits and bobs that have been keeping me going the last 12 days. I’m so ready for Mat to finish his nightshifts to have a bit of company in the house. I’m also so ready for tonight’s glass of wine! Hello Friday Night In! I’ve ordered a few bits online that I’m excited to arrive in the next couple of days and I’m also going to set myself some DIY challenges this weekend, not to mention some Easter baking!

How are you finding lockdown life? Hope you’re managing to keep positive and make the most of life being so simple for a while.

Steph x


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