Mental Health and The Media

I heard this article on the way to work and it set me off thinking. I feel that talking about mental health and mental fitness has come a really long way in the past couple of years but articles like this make me think we keep taking steps backward. Kit is a person. He is a person that, understandably, has gone through some turbulent times in the past 8 years, as have we all. It’s not that this article necessarily shames him outrightly for seeking help, but the mere existence of the article unsettles me. Fair enough if the article was about Kit wanting to share his story about his experiences with mental health issues, and it would be different if the article was acting to promote seeking help when you feel low, or anxious, or however you feel, but it’s not doing that, is it?

What bothers me the most is that if he had gone to the GP with flu and been seen in a pharmacist getting some medication, would anyone care? He should be given the respect to be able to deal with whatever he needs to personally and mentally in the same way we would give him the respect for any other issues with his health. This isn’t just because I bloody love Jon Snow, it’s the issue as a whole surrounding how the media reflects individuals mental health/mental fitness. I myself, have had CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy; where you learn little techniques to help change the way your mind behaves to anxious thoughts – that’s what we did in my experience anyway!). I have suffered with anxiety and no doubt will again. I have a wonderful life but still, sometimes irrational worries and anxieties stop me just being myself, and I wanted to do something about it. That’s all Kit is doing. He’s trying to find ways to deal with the way his mind is coping with whatever is going on in his life.

It is time we stop shaming people for seeking help. Do what you’ve got to do to be your best self. Support your family and friends. Recognise that talking helps the most. Learning to handle anxiety, stress and worries is a positive thing, and we should all be advocates for that. It’s okay not to be okay and it’s even more okay to talk about it. We should all look after ourselves and look after others. Be kind ❤


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