A Running Update – Shattered Shins & Shattered Hopes!

A Running Update – Shattered Shins & Shattered Hopes!

It’s been a while since I blogged. Months in fact. I haven’t gone off blogging, nor have I intentionally decided to have a break. I’ve just been busy! Mat’s finished uni, we’ve been here there and everywhere and I haven’t missed it so I haven’t forced myself to open up my laptop and type.

Today however, I felt like it. Something I promised myself when I launched this new blog is that I would only post when I felt I wanted to, not forcing myself to just to get some readers.

I just felt like rambling today and there’s only so much of that you can do out loud. On here I can just have a ramble and it’s out there then – blogging can sometimes act as a weight off your shoulders!

So here goes the ramble. I’m training for the Great North Run. I did it last year and started my training from nothing. I did it in 2:49 and this year I believe it was my New Year’s Resolution to do it in less than 2:45… (but I would need to check that!). I’ve been crap with my training really. I started properly in May which gave me no longer than I had last year – in fact even less time as the run was later in September last year!! It was going well though, I could do 5k comfortably and could push myself further if I needed to. Then just under 2 weeks ago, after a week in Lisbon eating and drinking whatever was in sight, I ran the Great North 10k. Heralded as a Great North Run training race I thought it would set me in good stead for the remainder of my training. I completed it in 1:13, which is a good pace for me and I was pretty happy with it. I then went for a 4 mile run a few days later and felt a bit of pain in both of my shins as I ran, but nothing unbearable. I did 5k a few days after that and felt my shins hurting again, particularly in my right leg. And then the day after hit and it hurt to even walk. 

After intense googling, I figured I probably had shin splints and the outlook wasn’t good if I did: at least 2 weeks off training and only  gradual increase in miles during training thereafter.

That was three days ago and here I am now. After a visit to the doctors I was told it was more than likely to be shin splints however I’ve had an x-ray just to rule out a stress fracture. I’ve cried and I’ve become obsessed with my legs; how they feel and how I can make them better. Everywhere I look there is a reminder that I’m unable to go for a run! Now, I know that sounds sad, but I wanted my Summer to be focused on training and now I’m in this situation, I feel more desperate to run than ever. I even avoided driving a certain way home today as it was my running route and it made me feel down just thinking about a stretch of road I particularly enjoy running on. How sad is that?

I reeeeally wanted to improve on last year’s time and it’s so upsetting and deflating knowing that’s more than likely impossible now. I am just going to do everything I can to help myself recover and I know that’s all I can do!

I’m going to start going swimming this weekend I think as that’s meant to be good for working the muscles but it low impact. I’ve just this second had a break from typing to stretch out and in a minute it’s time to grab the sweetcorn out the freezer and wrap it in a tea towel!

I’m planning on blogging again this weekend as Mat and I are going to chill in one of our fave cafes in Newcastle and utilise the free Wi-Fi. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more cheery! I might even blog about our trip to Lisbon.

If anyone is in fact reading this; thank you – I hope I didn’t bore you too much!

S x


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