The New & Updated Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation & Concealer

The New & Updated Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation & Concealer

Beauty lovers across the UK will no doubt have heard of Bourjois’s coveted Healthy Mix Foundation. A favourite of bloggers from the get-go, it’s a foundation I’ve both tried and heard raved about since the dawn of time (okay, like 2010).

Previously known for it’s glow-giving and radiant properties, I was hopeful that the newly updated version of the foundation would be just as good as it’s predecessor. I have read umpteen reviews of the new version and wanted to get in on it myself so straight after work on Friday, before I knew it, I’d purchased both the newly refurbished foundation AND concealer.

I personally preferred the Healthy Mix Serum as I prefer the dewiness a formula more on the gel side can give and on first try I was so pleased that the Healthy Mix Foundation now encompassed everything I loved from the previous version and the serum – all rolled into one. The concealer is just as great, especially as the squeezy tube has been ditched and a doe foot applicator has been introduced. I previously found both products a bit silicon-like when applied (anyone else with me?), in that they ended up kind of sitting on my skin after a while and the concealer, without beating around the bush, creased. The new versions are creamier, blend better and give some glowing coverage. As far as I’m aware, the new and improved formula of the foundation is down to the introduction of vitamins C, E and B5 to increase the products’ radiance boosting properties. The coverage for the foundation is medium but buildable. That from the concealer is WOW and NO CREASING. I always set my foundation with the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder and with that I got around 5 hours out of the foundation before I had to re-powder. Some would say that’s not a long time but for a drug store brand and a foundation currently priced at £7.99…it’s a yes from me!

The new packaging is pretty. I particularly like how the new range fits in the Bourjois’ now renowned angled square shape, initially becoming iconic with their Velvet Mattes. They are a step above most drug store brands in my opinion and have modernised themselves whilst keeping their branding – you know it’s healthy mix because of that red lid. They’ve hit the nail on the head! The pump is as standard for most foundations nowadays, a firm favourite. As for the concealer, it’s essentially a baby healthy mix and is just so damn adorable. I’m a sucker for cute little products. As mentioned above, the doe foot applicator is a massive improvement and although some still find these unhygienic, I love the control you have and they certainly allow for a less sloppy application than a squeezy tube.

The shade range for the foundation has expanded by 3. One lighter and two darker shades has been introduced, yet as far as I am aware these new shades are not as well stocked as the original line up. I had seen Healthy Mix in a few drugstores before I actually bought it and haven’t once come across the new lightest shade, 50, so I settled for my previous, slightly too dark, shade 51. To be honest, I tend to wear foundation too dark for me anyway as I prefer yellow toned shades and the fairer ones are often more pink. Shade 51 works for me with some blending and doesn’t look too dark once on, but I do hope those really needing any of the new shades manage to get their hands on them. I don’t really understand the purpose of introducing them if they’re going to be difficult to get a hold of.

As for the concealer, the three shades from the original line up (I think there was previously only three!) still exist; Light, Medium and Dark. Here we find my only qualm with the products. I bought shade Light and although, I cannot lie, I love the coverage and radiance it gives, it’s just not light. The shade is almost darker than shade 51 of the foundation. This poses a bit of a problem for those with more pink toned skin and in particular those that would go for shade 50 in the foundation. Who wants a concealer darker than their foundation? What about when you pop it on a blemish and all it does is make a dark patch in amongst your radiant foundation? I just don’t get it. I’ve swatched the two beside each other and I think even from that you can see the shade difference. Please Bourjois, release an extra light.

Having said that though, the newly updated Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer are 100% a step above the rest when it comes to high street beauty brands. Both have jumped right to the top of my Current Faves list and I am going to tell just about every make up lover I know to jump onto this hype.

Buy the foundation here, and concealer here.

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  1. Hana
    May 27, 2017 / 4:10 am

    Which one is the concealer in that swatch photo?

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