The Leather Jacket Upgrade – Warehouse Suedette Biker Jacket

The Leather Jacket Upgrade – Warehouse Suedette Biker Jacket

The days are getting brighter and the daffodils are out! This can only mean one thing – Spring is on its way! I am someone that genuinely enjoys Winter – I love cosy nights in and winter walks. However by the time Spring comes round I am always ready for it. I now find myself longing for the lighter nights and getting excited for bank holiday weekends. I’m definitely ready! Come at me Spring.

Transitioning my wardrobe, however, is something I’m not very good at. I struggle to get out of my Jumper & Jeans uniform and endlessly complain that I have nothing to wear. I am determined for 2017 to be the year that this stops!

It was my birthday recently and as always I planned on saving my money for something I reeeally wanted, until a visit to the high street left me penniless yet far richer in the wardrobe department. I went in with the aim of buying some staples; a few statement tops, some ripped-at-the-knee jeans (Topshop Jamie Jeans I salute you) and maybe a couple of dresses. I had accepted that I’d probably end up wearing my leather jacket with all of this, for every possible occasion, as I have done for the past 5 year or so. That was until I stepped into Warehouse and saw what can only be described as an absolute dream of a jacket. So dreamy in fact, that it deserved a blog post all of its’ own. Love at first sight.

This Warehouse Suedette Biker Jacket feels so luxurious and far more expensive than it is. It comes in lots of different colours too – also in leather form for those not wanting to give up the leather just yet! I couldn’t believe the £59 price tag and I even managed to blag it with 25% off for just under £45 in my local Outfit – so definitely keep your eye out for some deals. I love the buckle detailing on the sides as well as the textured, ribbed look just above. The silver detailing gets a yes from me too. It’s absolutely perfect to spruce up a Spring outfit and I’ve been loving wearing it with just plain t-shirts and jeans over the past week or so, as well as on special occasions with a statement shirt. It pairs fantastically with both casual New Balance trainers and ankle boots. It’s the perfect all-rounder.

With the range of colours this comes in I can’t see anyone going wrong in picking up one of these. I’ve already had so many compliments on it and I’ve only had it a week! I’m already so excited about having upgraded from my tired (albeit trusty) leather jacket. You know that feeling where you just want a constant excuse to wear something? I have that. Even now as I sit here watching Harry Potter in my pyjamas. Maybe I could just dress up to nip and buy some milk…

I’ve linked everything worn above down below – aside from the jeans as the ones I’m wearing in these photos are some old season Jamies. The newer, ripped ones are obviously around 1000000x cooler. But in my opinion no way near as cool as this jacket. Can you tell I am obsessed with it?

Go on. Get it. You know you want to.

S x



  1. Ruth Perkins
    March 6, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    how did you get the 25% off? I looked it up, saw the tan version and I’m a little bit in love!
    I really love how you’ve styled it!

    • stephmap
      March 6, 2017 / 2:47 pm

      They had a one off deal on all the jackets in Outfit! Warehouse often have discounts though so keep a look out! Thank you! It’s such an all rounder I’m obsessed xx

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