A Week Into The New Year – An Update

A Week Into The New Year – An Update

We’ve made it to the end of the first week of 2017! It has been a pretty chilled week in our house. I’ve spent the week trying to stick with my New Year’s Resolutions that you can read about here. A lot of them were little things that I hope will lead me to better lifestyle choices – particularly with my health.

Dry January has gone well. Through the weekdays it was easy, as I rarely drink during the week anyway, however Friday was a killer. We got invited to a friend’s for a catch up with everyone after Christmas and there I was, clinging to my water as everyone sipped their wine and beer. It was so much harder than I thought it would be! I was craving the taste of the ever classy Blossom Hill White Zinfandel all night but thankfully managed to jump the first hurdle and feel better for it. I was really excited to wake up on Saturday hangover free – but instead I woke with a banging headache and a blocked nose. I should have seen it coming what with almost everyone at work having a cold. Nevertheless I’m proud – it was my first hangover free weekend since October…I sound like a binge drinker but I promise there was just a lot of celebrations and parties at the back end of last year!

The healthy eating has also gone alright! I thought my main struggle would be getting past my chocolate cravings after having eaten so much of it over Christmas. As it turns out, it really is all in your head. I didn’t feel the desperation at all really. I’ve been trying to switch up my breakfasts and lunches to keep my diet a bit more interesting. When I’ve tried to switch my diet before I’ve ended up bored of my choices after eating the same things day in day out. For breakfast, I’ve been switching between porridge and yoghurt with granola and today I had the Hairy Dieters Fluffy Banana Pancakes which feel such a treat yet really aren’t that bad for you compared to normal pancakes (in moderation of course!). We’ve had a couple of the Lean In 15 meals for tea and then other meals where we’ve just focussed on having a lot of veg and less fatty foods! I managed to be consistent with taking a packed lunch to work and refrained from having any of the treats left out in the office. For me, that’s some achievement. I even passed on double stuffed oreos!!!

We did a Fitness Blender youtube work out this week (Mat hated it) and today I WENT FOR A RUN!!! It’s been so long and I remember now that I genuinely do enjoy it. It’s such a good way to switch off and I always feel so much happy and stress free after a run. I just went out for half an hour and managed 2.5 miles with no stops, which to say I haven’t ran since the beginning of November I’m pretty pleased with.

Overall, despite having a pretty relaxed week, I’ve felt very productive and hope that the coming weeks feel just as good!

I hope your 2017 is going well so far!

S x


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