Here’s to 2017! New Year’s Resolutions, Goals and Ambitions

Here’s to 2017! New Year’s Resolutions, Goals and Ambitions

It’s 2017!! I bet you’re not surprised to see one of these posts – “New year, new me” and all that?

2016 followed 2015, which for me, was a pretty epic year. In 2015 I turned 21, graduated, got my first proper adult job, moved in with Mat, got a tattoo, went on some pretty class holidays… it was one of those years that was always going to be hard to follow. 2016 was still pretty damn fabulous; we visited Dublin (my fave city) twice, after much anticipation we finally conquered the elective (Mat went away to Tanzania to work in a hospital for 9 weeks), I went to Dubai, Santorini, my first Formula 1 Grand Prix… I can’t complain. However, leading up to New Year’s Eve, I started looking at the year as a whole and the things that hadn’t really changed in ways I’d liked them to. I’d got a bit complacent with things and that’s not the kinda gal I am. In 2016 lost sight of my ambitions and goals and decided 2017 was the year I figure my shit out. 

I don’t have a problem with New Year’s Resolutions. I do believe that changes can be made and goals set throughout the year, but what’s wrong with having a time that makes you really think about them? I’ve of course set myself a few and I hope that I can keep up with them – I am determined (but who isn’t in January?).


This includes everything from eating healthier foods, exercising more and drinking more water. Yes, this is everyone’s New Year Resolution… I know. But that’s not going to stop me having it as mine too! I’m tired of looking back on photos of myself two years ago and wishing I hadn’t slacked with eating healthy. I also drink more wine now than I ever used to so I’ve signed up for Dry January with Cancer Research. If anyone has any healthy recipes or lunch ideas please let me know! There’s only so much soup a girl can eat.


I managed 2:49 last year and this is my year to beat it. I’ve just had the sign up email from the charity I run for, Lindsey Lodge Hospice, so I will be signing up over the next few days. I need to get training ASAP! I didn’t want to aim too high and I think the 9 minute cut is manageable.


And by this I mean with my career. I always need a bit of a plan with this kinda thing but last year I didn’t really make one. I want to set some career goals and make the steps to move towards them. Figuring out what they are will be the hard part!


I am forever rushing. In the mornings, I snooze my alarm 5 times and end up rushing. At work, I take on too much and rush to finish on time. On a weekend, I set a time to be somewhere and end up procrastinating then having to rush and arrive late. Sort it out Steph!!! The mornings are my main thing to sort, as I just don’t need to snooze my alarm so many times! If I get up when the first one goes off, I do end up feeling more awake from the moment I arrive at work, rather than spending the first hour there rubbing my eyes and clock watching until break time.


Whether it be reflecting on the good things that have happened in a day, thanking people for the little things or remembering to send birthday cards and treats to those nearest and dearest, I want to spend more time focussing on life than scrolling mindlessly through my phone.


Since starting work I’ve really not been the best saver (but I’ve had some sick as holidays…) but this year I want to rack them up and become a proper adult, rather than ordering clothes every week and buying make up and candles I don’t need in TK Maxx.

That’s just a few of my resolutions for 2017. I was asked by someone at work what my New Year’s Resolutions were and I said “I have a list as long as my arm…” and this year I really do. Some of you may disagree with trying to “change” so many things, but for me they’re not changes, they’re just small improvements that I feel will help me feel healthier and happier, both mentally and physically.

So here’s to 2017; a toast with a green tea in hand, not prosecco (until February)

S x


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