Gin, Anyone? The Gin Explorer December Box – A Monthly Subscription Box

Gin, Anyone? The Gin Explorer December Box – A Monthly Subscription Box

Subscription boxes have become huge within the past few years and although I have primarily been exposed to beauty boxes, boozy/cocktail boxes have become the new in thing. The Gin Explorer box is a brilliant way to try something new. Each month, for just £25, the Gin Explorer Box allows you to travel the globe, with 4 different gins. Gin Explorer encourages you to learn about their origins and explore gins you’d never even heard of, that might turn out to be your new favourite.

So let’s take a look at the box. The delivery came UPS tracked – which was super exciting as I was able to track it all the way up to my door and whilst at work, knew I’d be arriving home to a gin surprise. I love the simplicity of the box. It is designed to look like a little suitcase, taking you on your gin journey and is so luxurious once opened. (That is, if Tiffany the cat ever jumps off..)

Neatly wrapped in a festive red tissue, nestled in shredded paper, are the mystery gins, mixers, a little snack and on this occasion, an extra little surprise of a tee-total G&T (which I’ve yet to try and am saving for that inevitable night as designated driver!) Oh, and not forgetting a little Gin Explorer bottle opener which double up as a keyring – whoop whoop.

Inside you can also find a Gin Explorer ‘Explore’ leaflet, explaining everything within the box for the month in hand. This is a brilliant, fun way to learn about the month’s delights and also includes a suggestion for a cocktail and a message from the Gin Explorer team. It all adds to the personality of the box and makes it even more special.

The gins themselves for December are a treat for the eyes, as well as the palette. In their dainty little bottles laid Jensens Old Tom, 5th Gin Fire, Cucumber Gin and Black Tomato Gin. I was most excited for 5th Gin Fire; a red fruits gin with, pink in colour, making it look like the perfect addition to any cocktail. With the Macario Tonica’s and a snack of mince pie popcorn, we were certainly in for a treat.

Order by the 5th of the month and you’ll receive the box between the 16th and 22nd – and you can use code ‘treatyourself‘ for £5 off your first. For allllllll of those treats, what a corker of a bargain.

It’s the team at Gin Festival behind the Gin Explorer Box and for this post they’ve challenged me to come up with the 5 reasons I love gin, so here they are:

Gin or no gin?! Gin or no gin?! My favourite drinking game involving ping pong balls and plastic cups. Two ping pong balls in fact, with players at opposite ends of a table beginning the game. Try to bounce the ball in to the cup and pass it along for the next person to do. Bounce it in before the person to the left of you has managed it and boom their cup off the table. The loser then takes a cup from the middle of the table, filled with a shot of either gin or water (no gin) whilst the rest of the players chant ‘Gin or no gin!?’. Their pokerface must be strong one.. mine never is..

The good thing about gin is the variety. So many fabulous flavours available and one to suit every taste. I think my fave has to be Edinburgh Gin’s Rhubarb & Ginger.

This photo wasn’t meant to be blurry, it just turned out that way, but it matches the reason for my love of gin perfectly. After a few gins you’re almost always destined for a good night. Gin gets me dancy.

Supposedly, there’s a lot of good stuff in gin and the juniper berries are known to decrease bloating. I’m game for anything that will stop me looking like I have an actual baby inside me after dinner out. Come at me gin!

I love a good rosé, but I’m very aware that it’s the reason I’ve put on the pounds over the past year. It’s a well known fact that a G&T is one of the most low calorie alcohol drinks going and that for me is enough of a reason to love it.

And my gin-related New Year’s Resolution?


I would recommend the Gin Explorer box to anyone after a new monthly treat, particularly those who love gin. You don’t have to sign up for a whole year either – try it for a month and maybe you will fall as in love with it as I have.

Order yours here – and do let me know what you think to it.

I hope you’ve all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

S x

This Gin Explorer box was sent to me for review by the Gin Festival team - but as always all opinions are my own!

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