Spending 24 Hours In Amsterdam; What I’d Do, Where I’d Go, What I’d See

Spending 24 Hours In Amsterdam; What I’d Do, Where I’d Go, What I’d See

Amsterdam. The city that over the past few years has exploded in popularity, with photos popping up on my Facebook and Instagram timelines of beautiful canals, tall houses with their impressive gables and endless bikes against railings. It’s been somewhere Mat and I have wanted to visit for a while and when our parents suggested we all went together on a P&O Ferries Mini Cruise we jumped at the chance. The cruise itself was the main focus of our trip though and left us with little time, just six and a half hours in fact, to explore the beautiful european city.

As we always knew our time in Amsterdam would be short and sweet, and after I saw the Accor Hotels “24 Hours In…” competition, I saw a chance to plan our next trip there, as it’s somewhere we fully intend to head back to over the next few years. In saying that though, I was determined not to plan using solely google searches and a quick look on the “Things To Do” section of Trip Advisor (as much as I absolutely love that website!!). Our Mini Cruise trip was just a taste into what’s in store for our next little vacay to the Netherlands.

I wanted to find out what to do from people who’d been, the people that had shared these beautiful photos online, so I did and this is what some of them pulled together for me:




I didn’t get any suggestions for breakfast but it’s an obvious one for me; somewhere that does pancakes. I saw a lot of cute pancake houses on our short little visit and as a lover of sweet foods I think I would be in my element. After a little search I found MOOK Pancakes and it looks as though it is just what I’m after. I mean, look at this:




After so many of my friends suggested it, I would 100% go to Anne Frank House. We went here on our day trip, but only stood outside and looked at the now very modern exterior! I read Anne Frank’s diary nearly 10 years ago and would definitely give it a read again now before visiting the house. I think it would be wonderful to see and would give so much perspective. As Cliodna suggested above though I would go first thing in the morning – maybe even before pancakes!

I would then head to the Heineken Experience as Joe suggested. Mat and I have been to a few breweries and even though I don’t drink it I love learning about beer and how it’s made. Mat loves going to them too as he drinks whatever I don’t… so I think it would be a win-win.


Whilst we were visiting we took the time to do a Canal Cruise first thing in the day, which I probably wouldn’t do again (only because I’ve done it) but was so helpful for finding out little facts about the city that we wouldn’t have done otherwise. It really introduced us to parts of the city we otherwise wouldn’t have wandered in during a short visit.



There are so many cute little cafés in Amsterdam, I think I would just pop into the first one that looked to have a good selection of cakes – because what’s lunch out if it’s not followed by a dessert? When we were there this weekend I tried Stock Café in The Hotel Exchange and although my panini was lovely it didn’t have the character of somewhere I would try again. It would have to be somewhere with a little outside area and those red light heaters to keep you warm whilst you watched people cycle by and took in the beautiful buildings and canals. A hot chocolate like this one is a must too.




It has got to be Vondelpark. I love parks and being from the countryside I feel so relaxed after being in them. Mat and I always end up seeking out parks whilst we are away and they’re a lovely little retreat in a busy city. I would gladly hire a bike and cycle around taking it all in for a couple hours. It would also be a fantastic location for taking outfit photos…which I’m sure Mat would love! #MatThePhotographer.

Whilst out that way I’m sure we would also visit the “I Amsterdam” sign for a few classic tourist photos. It’s something we didn’t really have the time to do on our trip and is a must for next time.

I would then love to visit the Ice Bar for a few drinks. I’ve seen so many cool photos of my friends visiting them all over the world and I’ve never been in one myself so I would definitely visit Xtracold Icebar Amsterdam. Thank you for the suggestion Jen!




It HAS to be the restaurant in the dark, CTaste. I’ve fancied visiting one of these since first watching my favourite film ever, About Time, where they visit Dans Le Noir in London. I think it’s a brilliant concept and after some searching online it sounds absolutely fantastic. From what I gather, you leave your belongings in a locker and are led into the pitch black room for a three course meal, having no idea what you are eating (specifying any allergies etc before you enter!) until you’ve finished and our on your way out. I just need to do this – it sounds so fun.



Hands down, the INK Hotel Amsterdam MGallery by Sofitel. I found it through the Accor Hotels website and it looks absolutely fabulous. it has a 4.5 on Trip Advisor and the most recent reviews make it sound so appealing with it’s perfect location and how modern it is inside. Please can I just go and stay there now!?


If you’re a blogger – you can enter the Accor Hotels competition too by reading about it here and writing your post/making a vlog!

If you had just 24 Hours In Amsterdam, what would you do?

S x


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