This Weekend: An EP Launch, A Curry Night and A Walk In Northumberland

This Weekend: An EP Launch, A Curry Night and A Walk In Northumberland

This weekend is one I’ve been looking forward to for months. Friday was a very special night in our household; it was my wonderful boyfriend Mat‘s EP launch. It’s something he has been working on for a couple years now and Friday was a celebration of To Being Free’s release, seeing him perform with a band for the first time. It was a real proud moment for me and I will forever remember it as one of the best nights of our lives. Afterwards we had drinks in Newcastle and ended the night at our parents’ hotel for the night drinking Baileys and soaking in how good it all had been. What a fabulous start to the weekend!

Pre EP Launch for Mat!

All dressed up for the EP launch!

Mat Hunsley

Saturday saw us very hungover and a trip to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. The 98% of it I saw was fantastic (For 2% I did drop off…Sorry J.K, I was just really hanging) and I had myself one of those not-quite-meat-but-tasty-anyway cinema hot dogs and was sent flying back to childhood cinema trips. In the evening we spent some time with our lovely friends for a curry night and a good old catch up. Dorothy my darling, you never disappoint.

Sunday, as I write this, has been a thoroughly good day. We woke up early, with plans to visit some of Northumberland and the infamous Sycamore Gap, as well as Hadrian’s Wall. Living in Newcastle, the drive to the Wall took us about 50 minutes or so and we arrived in ‘Once Brewed’ bright and early to some glorious weather but a very sharp chill in the air. We started our walk at the Steel Rig Car Park, which had wonderful views of Northumberland and snow was even visible on some of the hills in the distance. It was my favourite kind of weather today; crisp yet sunny.

Sycamore Gap

Mile Castle

We set off along the Wall (every time I say that I feel like I’m channeling Game of Thrones), tackling some extremely slippy bits of grass and icy puddles, as well as steep steps up the hills either side of Sycamore Gap. Mat and I have been on about visiting the idyllic placed tree since we moved up here so it was lovely to finally see it. The weather was lovely for it and we all felt very tranquil and relaxed.

Sycamore Gap

Sycamore Gap

I wore my trusty purple running trainers for the walk and all was going well until we were about ten minutes from the car. I thought I was standing on a rock, until it caved in with my weight and my feet sank into what was pure, wet mud. Oops. Luckily a friend was able to offer me a change of shoes to change into for going to the pub. They’re now in the washing machine and I am hoping they have survived!! (Update: They look better than ever)

Sycamore Gap

The pub we visited after our walk was the aptly named ‘Twice Brewed’. It was really busy actually – full of walkers and people tucking into Sunday dinner. We got in there and as typical twenty-somethings…. had cups of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Just what we needed after a long walk! My favourite thing in the pub was a huge OS Map on the wall that they requested people put pins in on the place they’re from. I love things like that. Mat and I placed our pins and it was so lovely to see the map so full and that people from all over not even just the country, but the world, had been there and done it too.

Twice Brewed

Twice Brewed

We are now home, catching up on I’m A Celeb, ready for our roast dinner and prepping for the week ahead! I think I’m going to make ‘This Weekend:’ posts a regular thing, as weekend plans are always the best and these lifestyle posts are my favourite to read! Let me know in the comments if you like the sound of that. I would also love to hear what you got up to this weekend.

Twice Brewed

You can listen to Mat at We hope you like what you hear and if you do be sure to look out for any upcoming releases and gigs by following his social media channels!




Raising a glass To Being Free - the name of the EP.

To being free!

S x


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  1. Anonymous
    November 21, 2016 / 8:46 pm

    Such a lovely read. Sounds like a weekend I love to have. Love to you both M x

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