Why Autumn Is The Best Season Ever

Why Autumn Is The Best Season Ever

People often get confused when I tell people that this is my favourite time of year. I get a lot of “But it’s so cold” and “But it gets dark so early”, yet I would choose Autumn/Winter over Spring/Summer any day! Here are a few reasons why (maybe I can convince you too!):

1. Cosy Nights In

I am such a big lover of staying at home with some good food, a cup of tea and a decent film or TV series. Autumn is the perfect culmination of all of these things for me. It’s the perfect excuse to get your cosiest PJs on, wrap up in a blanket and make the most of that Netflix subscription. We’ve been loving Stranger Things at the mo but my all time faves to sit down and watch on a cold nights are for sure About Time and Love Actually (yes, I know it’s a Christmas film!)


2. Jumpers and Scarves

Autumn and Winter fashion is my absolute faaaaave. It’s the colours! The burnt oranges, the burgundys, the greys. Call me boring but I just love dem alllll! The best bit is definitely the jumpers and scarves though. I’m all about huge oversized scarves that instantly make any outfit look autumnal and cosy. I love the Zara scarves year in year out, but I’ve spotted some fabuous ones on ASOS this year that may or may not be accidentally jumping into my basket this weekend…


3. Baking

I love baking and what with the darker nights I feel it’s more acceptable to spend my weekday evenings cooped up inside whipping up some treats. My ultimate favourite thing to bake is cupcakes and Autumn and Winter provide so many different decorating opportunities; from Halloween and Bonfire Night to Christmas. Hopefully I can show you some of my bakes as the weeks go by.


4. Home Decor

I can spend hours on end walking around department stores and supermarket home sections, dreaming up my perfect abode. We are renting at the minute and although we have a lot of furniture that came with the flat we are always looking out for opportunities to make it our own. Having a more pinterst-worthy home becomes much more appealing during the colder months and I think it’s because we spend a lot more time inside enjoying it all. At the minute I’m completely loving the home section of Matalan. They kill it every time and this year’s collection beats all others I’ve seen.

5. Walks

The weather throughout October and November in the UK is perfect walking weather in my eyes. Until recently I’ve very much been a countryside girl and you can’t argue with the value of a good Sunday walk. I love getting all wrapped up, getting out in the cold air – that weather where it’s sunny but still cold (dreamy) – and then finishing in a cute little cafe with a hot chocolate.


6. Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, for me it is. The build up to Christmas for me is just as good as the day itself. The day that Starbuck get their Christmas drinks in and the day that the John Lewis Christmas advert comes out are both days that fill me with an unexplainable burst of joy. It’s cliché but true. The festive season gives me such a buzz nothing can beat the twinkly lights and sound of Mariah on the radio.why-autumn-is-the-best-time-of-year1

What’s your fave season? Please do leave a comment below – I love hearing from you!



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